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Former Washington Wizard Lorenzo Williams works with a post player on position and receiving the ball.


Lander University
Greenwood, South Carolina (USA)

JULY 11-15, 2008

For detailed brochure on our 2008 camp, send your name and address to after January 15.

Camp Cost: $440 (includes Room & Board)

Camp Application

Letter from a parent about the Big Man Camp:

"Thank you for your care for our son and the others who attended your camp. Eric learned alot, and said this was the best (of 4) camps he attended this summer. Blessings to you and your staff. Sincerely, (A parent from Miami)

"There is a difference between a post player wanting the ball and demanding it."....former Magic coach Johnny Davis


Post players working on "receiving
the ball." Player should have a wide
base and have elbows wide. This
player had elbows wide, and correctly
moved them forward in the last instant to
catch the basketball.
          SHOOTING STARS POST PLAY CAMP is held in conjunction with the regular camp . Players wishing to receive special instruction in post play will be taught in a separate camp situation but will play in the 5-on-5 League play with other campers daily. Post fundamentals to be covered include: 
Mental Toughness for Post Play Getting Post Position
Offensive MovesPower Moves to Basket
Ball Faking High Post Shooting
High Post Drive Post Footwork
Receiving the Ball Post Passing
Offensive ReboundingDefensive Rebounding
Outlet Passing for Fast Break Running the Floor
Post Defense Screening Techniques

2008 CAMP APPLICATION                  

WINNING TIP TO BIG/TALL PLAYERS:   Your opponent can be a bigger and better player
                               than you are, but there is one trait you can develop that will let you beat him/her. That trait is
                               THE ABILITY TO RUN THE FLOOR! It is amazing the number of taller players who cannot
                               really run the floor at full speed. Get yourself into PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITION so that
                               you can really run the floor from basket to basket throughout a game and you will BEAT YOUR
                               OPPONENT! "If you are a big man that can run the floor, there are points waiting out there for you"...

                             BIG MAN TIP #2:  Whenever you are shooting relatively close to the basket (within 8-10 feet),
                               USE THE BACKBOARD WHENEVER POSSIBLE! The backboard can be a post player's
                               BEST FRIEND! Using the backboard eliminates the finesse needed when the ball is shot from
                               close range without using the backboard.

                             BIG MAN TIP #3:: One of the important qualities of big man play is to WANT
                                THE BALL! You run the floor so that you can GET THE BALL! When you don't
                                get it, you post up HARD calling for the ball! When a teammate takes a shot, you
                                go for the board in a tremendous effort to GET THE BALL! Remember, the
                                big man is the HEART OF THE OFFENSE and the more you GET THE BALL
                                the more you will score and the more your TEAM will score! YOU MUST DEMAND THE BALL!

BIG MAN TIP #4: Make sure you become a player the coaches say have "good hands" That means you must catch any pass thrown to you, whether high, low, wide or whatever. You must feel like the passer always makes a good pass. You can NEVER blame the passer. The post player with "good hands" always catches the ball. To develop this you must participate in numerous drills that have passers throwing you the ball from different angles and you having the opportunity to catch the passes. The more passes you practice receiving, the better your "hands" will be.

BIG MAN TIP #5: When you drive to the basket off the dribble, LEARN TO JUMP STOP! So many big players drive out of control, then end up charging all over the defense. Driving to the basket "under control" and ending the drive with a jump stop will enable the big player to shoot a short jumper off the board and not pick up a foul.


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For Information about the Post Player Camp,

Contact GLENN WILKES at:

          849 N. Garfield Ave.
          DeLand, Florida 32724
          Phone: 386-734-3460
          FAX:    386-822-4586