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Lander University
Greenwood, South Carolina (USA)

July 11-15, 2008

Brochures will be ready for mailing in January, 2008

2008 Camp price: $440 (includes Room and Board)

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          SHOOTING STARS is one of the top instructional basketball camps in the south.  The camp program includes instruction in all basketball fundamentals, 3 on 3 league play, shooting competition, and two five-on-five games daily. The camp has two divisions—a division for high school age players and older (ages 16-21), and a division for players under 15.  International players are welcome to attend the camp.
          The camp is held each July under the direction of Glenn Wilkes, former Head Coach at NCAA Division I  Stetson University and now Assistant Director of the Nike Skill Academies. Experienced college and high school coaches and college players will make up the camp staff. 
          SHOOTING STARS is held in the new $10,000,000 complex at Lander University. The facility has four college size playing courts including the beautiful Horne Arena. The University is located approximately 65 miles south of Greenville, South Carolina. 
          All NCAA, NAIA, and junior college coaches are invited to send scouts to observe play at anytime during the camp.

Letter from a parent after the 2007 camp:


We just wanted to give you an update on Caden's team (school) camp. We left Shooting Stars on Sunday and her team started a camp early Monday morning. After they had won their first game, we had a break and her coach asked me about the Shooting Stars camp. I told her that it was by far the best camp available and Caden really enjoyed it and seemed to learn alot. Her coach said, "I can tell, she's much improved". Some of the other parents quizzed me on the camp and how I found out about it, etc...

Thanks so much for a great week of basketball and all the words of encouragement!
Jim and Mary (last name withheld).

SHOOTING STARS POINT GUARD CAMP is held in conjunction with the All-Star camp.  Point Guard instruction will be taught in a separate camp situation, but point guards will play in the 5-on-5 League play with other campers daily. Point Guard fundamentals to be covered include: 
Mental Aspect of Point Guard Play Leadership Qualities
Point Guard Vision and Voice  Outside Shooting
Dribbling and Passing for Point Guards Initiating the Offense
Fast Break Offense Feeding the Post
Penetration Skills  Fast Break Defense
Defensive Pressure Free Throw Shooting
Relationship with Head Coach  Teammate communication
Developing Confidence  Reading Defenses

SHOOTING STARS BIG MAN CAMP is held in conjunction with the All-Star camp. Players wishing to receive special instruction in post play will be taught in a separate camp situation but will play in the 5-on-5 League play with other campers daily. Post fundamentals to be covered include: 
Mental Toughness for Post Play  Getting Post Position
Offensive Moves Power Moves to Basket
Ball Faking  High Post Shooting
High Post Drive  Post Footwork
Receiving the Ball  Post Passing
Offensive Rebounding Defensive Rebounding
Outlet Passing for Fast Break  Running the Floor
Post Defense  Screening Techniques




SHOOTING STARS ALL-STAR BASKETBALL CAMP Information for International Players

     International players are welcome and encouraged to attend SHOOTING STARS..  Special price arrangements can be made to tailor a trip to SHOOTING STARS for any international group. Players can be met by chartered bus at either the Atlanta, Georgia Airport or the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport and transported to and from Lander University. 
     The 2008 camp dates will be determined in the near future.  Arrangements for international players to stay additional days for more instruction can be made. In addition, a trip to beautiful Myrtle Beach or extra sightseeing days in Atlanta (home of the 1996 Olympics) can be arranged. A guide from SHOOTING STARS can be provided. 
     You tell us when you want to arrive, the number of days you want to stay, and what else you would like to do, and we can plan it for you. 

   Contact GLENN WILKES at:

          849 N. Garfield Ave.
          DeLand, Florida 32724
          Phone: 386-734-3460
          FAX:    386-822-4586