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  • Coaches, players need to SEE what you’re talking about, more than HEAR what you’re talking about.

    There is nothing more critical to your success than the individuals you choose to surround yourself with!

    It’s a wise person who attempts to make themselves into an “expert’ in some phase of life!

    No one gets anything worthwhile done alone!
  • The 2 greatest social forces that drive our present life style are technology and globalization
  • Coaches cannot coach in isolation. They must respond to the needs of the player.

  • Coaching is a privilege, a service, and a burden.

  • Players need coaching, not a coach. (Ed. Note: Many coaches spend more time hollering at their players than they do coaching. It is amazing how many coaches confuse yelling at their players with actual coaching)

  • Everyday as often as possible the coach needs to help their players believe in themselves and see what they're capable of doing.

  • It's a special coach who can develop superstars and "ordinary heroes"

* When you interview for a job, the interview must be interactive--they question you--you question them--whoever asks the best questions win.

* Most coaches have a blind spot when it comes to assessment of a players talent level.

* Your job as a coach is to be certain that your team gets better and more capable over the course of the season.

* Coaches spend too much time on the "How" of things and not enough on the "Why" of things. (Ed. Note: Read this twice!)

A coach is responsible to take advantage of each players core strengths.

* It is the wise coach who puts each player in position to do what he/she does best.

* Success leaves clues.

* Spend more time working on your strengths than you weaknesses.

* It is the wise coach who puts each player in a position to do what he/she does best.

* The master coach creates enough latitude for his players to discover their own greatness. (Ed. Note: Think on this one. Are you enforcing such strict playing rules that you take away the strength of individual players? I believe this is a problem in basketball coaching.)

*How many coaches are in constant search of "game changing" ideas or opportunities?

Our journey in life is about learning and growing everyday, in every way.

Factors that determine a positive first impression are: your smile, dress, handshake and vocabulary.

A coach’s job is to change the hearts, minds and actions of those he leads in a positive manner.

It’s always helpful to have a collection of friends in “high places”

Focus on self-awareness. Know what you don’t know. Know your limitations.

The best place to carry your ego is in your back pocket. There’ll be times you’ll be happy you are sitting on it.

Are you willing to give things up to help other people?

A huge challenge each of us is confronted with throughout our entire life is deciding who and what to believe.

Things we believe to be true maynot in fact be true.

One must learn to trust evidence, truth, facts and reasoning. Further, to distruct assumptions, opinions, blind faith and fear.

Never lose sight of common sense in all of our speculations.

The best way to serve God is to do good to others.

Every time we make contact with a person, we have the ability to make their day better or worse....make it better.

Listening carefully is an overt sign of trust. Interrupting others is a covert sign of distrust.

Is there a greater gift in life than a true and loyal friend?

Ask more of yourself every day.

There is no greater gift in life than an honest friend.

Each person is free to discover his or her own greatness.

Leaders need to become revolutionaries or risk become irrelevant.

The mind is our own greatest weapon in the battle of life.

When we say "NO" to something, we are saying "YES" to something else.

Wherever there is injustice, we must show up, we must stand up, and we must speak up.

If people only did things when they wanted to, they would not get much done.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Knowledge is obtaineed by way of the ear, not the tongue.

Attempt to avoid situations where someone wins and someone loses. (relationships)

By learning more, you prepare yourself to be more.

You think you know where you are going, but do you know how you are going to get there?

The most important decisions we will make are not the things that we do, but the things we decide not to do.

When we make decisions, consequences result from our decisions.

The best place to carry your ego is in your back pocket. There will be many times you will be glad to be sitting on it.

The greatest impact a person can have on the World and the lives of others is to base his thoughts and actions around the vital question. "What can I do for you?"

With each passing day we encounter less normal people.

· Being old is much more fun than I expected it to be.

· Meaningful progress…half of the basketball coaches in the Southeast Conference are African American.

· Critical factors that influence our success, listening, learning and sharing experiences.

· Be present in the moment, but be a long term thinker.

· On a daily basis we must feed our body – mind – soul.

· Despite how frequently our use of emails… I truly believe greatness will not be achieved by their use. Never devalue the importance of “FACE TIME.”

· Humor is a free ride to happiness.

· Before I die, It is my desire to visit the grave sites of Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Jessse Owens, Wilt Chamberlain and Thurgood Marshall. I wish to kneel before their graves and utter two words – “Thank you.”

· Many of us defined success as it relates to money, power and fame. I view success as being the best possible “You” that you can be.

· Athletics has reached the position where the lines between winning and losing are totally blurred.

Two types of days to strive for....Productive and Creative.

Be in constant search for the inspiration needed to have a positive impact on the world.

Courage is a skill.

I sincerely believe our children would be much better off if adults told them the truth.

Please don't misuse my love. It's the best gift I have to give.

If you don't know where you are going, how do you know when you arrive?

East of us possess the necessary ability to make a positive difference in our own unique way.

* It's not what you say, it's what they hear.

* People will forget what you say, but they won't forget how you made them feel.

* Sometimes the best way to appreciate what we have is to have it taken away.

* Learning to succeed begins with learning to fail.

* There is no shame in being poor.

* Most things we desire are not needs, they are wants.

* People feel good about themselves when they are appreciated and respected by others.

* Passion and talent when combined produce unreal results.

* The friends I value the most are the ones who always tell me the truth

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