Extraordinary Swish videos


(Former Head Coach, Los Angeles Lakers)

"On offense, make them have to play all of us. This means to have ball and player movement--reduce the ball-stopping that too much
1-on-1 or post-up basketball requires."

"1 on 1 should happen very quickly, not take ten seconds of bouncing and turning."

"Post-ups also are best done off of quick movements instead of from a lot of standing; and, the post play action should not be forced into a set defense."

"MAKE THE EASY PLAY. This means to take the open shot, make the pass to the open man and to take the drive into an open slot. Avoid trying the spectacular and forced plays unless it is the only option due to time."

"PLAY FULL COURT BASKETBALL. On offense, this means to push the ball into the front court every time we can. It means to get the ball out of the net after scores and attack right away. It means to look for the longer pass and to try to get a 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 advantage break if possible. It means to get right into our set secondary plays that are full court sets--they start in the backcourt and flow right into the attack in the front court. We want to play our half-court setup game only when we are forced to because the defense is already set and waiting for us as in out of bounds plays and other situations where they are already back. Exceptions would be when we are using the clock or when the momentum or pace of the game calls for a moment to slow down, collect ourselves and execute a "need" play--overuse of this gets a team into a half-court mentality, however, and we want to be an "attack" or movement team"

* We have won almost 90% of our games when we have shot 50% or more from the field. It is the most important statistic in winning basketball games, followed by the percentage the defense allows the opponent (WHICH NEEDS TO BE BELOW 45%).

* REWARD THE POST MAN WHO GETS GOOD POSITION. On offense we want to pass to open men in the paint and has--do not reward the post people with catches in the area ouside the hash marks and paint. Simply swing the ball and use another option if the post man loses the "battle for the paint." He can catch it on the weak side. Or, tell him to come out to set a pick/roll.

* CUT HARD ON ALL CUTS. Floating on cuts jams the middle and allows the defense to rest and read the play.

*THE MOST IMPORTANT PASS IS THE FIRST REVERSE PASS. The first reverse pass makes the defense have to shift. If you are trying to score off the drive, pass or quick shot too often on the first side of the offense, you are always going against the defense when it is its strongest. That first reverse established the team as a ball and player movement team and an unselfish one. It tell the opponent that they are going to have to beat our entire team, not just the man with the ball..

"FAKE A PASS, MAKE A PASS. While you do not have to do this every time, it is a good habit to have. The fake pass tends to freeze the ballhandler's defender and the defenders on the inside player.
It also allows the ballhandler doing the faking an opportunity to read all situations. It gives him an opportunity to read whether to pass inside, drive, swing pass or to snap the pass back in the direction from which it came."